What We Do:

CBE Law takes an innovative, yet practical, approach to litigation. Our attorneys are creative in preparing viable defenses for each case. We have tried numerous cases to conclusion and have achieved unprecedented success while defending workers’ compensation claims for insurance companies, third party administrators, and a variety of employers, including professional sport franchises and leagues.

The firm strives to provide prompt communication to clients and will implement litigation strategies as early as practical to avoid litigation where possible. The attorneys at CBE Law are experts in their field and have been sought after to provide industry-wide training to other practitioners as well as the client community.

CBE welcomes the opportunity to create a partnership with you, the client.


What Differentiates Our Firm:

Accessibility to all venues: We serve all WCAB venues throughout the State of California without passing on additional travel costs to clients. Further, all work is supervised through the managing partner at each office to ensure consistently high work quality standards across all venues.

Cost flexibility: Because of our operating efficiency, we have the flexibility to accommodate various insurance rate structures. We are also able to extend those competitive rates to private clients.

Use of technology: Our firm utilizes the latest in cloud server technology with multiple real time backup servers to preserve and protect client data. We further strive to achieve a paperless workplace, which not only is beneficial for the environment but allows greater cost savings for our clients. The use of cloud technology facilitates easier communication across all our attorneys and staff, seamlessly synced and sharing real time case data. This allows greater communication and access to case documentation, while facilitating more efficient and accurate case management.

Diversity: CBE Law maintains a strong commitment to advancing a diverse workplace that mirrors that of our society, be it race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, disability or sexual orientation. We believe that as a firm, we are a stronger group when comprised of individuals who come from diverse backgrounds and offer their unique perspectives.